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Recuperação de Nitrogênio

Membrane Nitrogen generator

Simple, turnkey, economical on-site gas generation using the latest technology to separate nitrogen from other gases in air.

Permeable hollow fiber membrane modules

Permeable hollow fiber membrane modules separate compressed air into high-pressure nitrogen and low-pressure oxygen enriched waste. Typical feed air pressure: 125 psig/8.6 barg. Higher pressure operation increases flow. 97% typical product purity. Flow rate and nitrogen recovery higher if higher oxygen content is accepted in the nitrogen. Systems available with purity up to 99.9% nitrogen.

Complete systems

Supplied as complete systems ready to connect to compressed air supply and include air filters and automatic operation controls. Maintenance is limited to changing filters every three to twelve months. Each system is tested and tuned to customer specified nitrogen flow rate and purity.

Proven reliability and nitrogen cost reduction while eliminating hazards of high-pressure nitrogen bottles or liquid nitrogen.